Me in a nutshell …

I’ve been thinking about ways to introduce myself . Telling my story or just categorizing myself as a type or sharing the things that i believe in or maybe listing the things that i know or can do .

Most people see me as this quiet weird person who knows a little about every topic. Some think that i’m a bit condescending . Some think that i’m very lazy. and some think that i’m just worthless .

I see myself as a self taught smart artistic and yet logical talented person who has been really unlucky throughout his life .

But the truth is that i’m just scared . That is the adjective that can describe my every thought and action .

I’m scared of making more mistakes in my life. I’m scared of the continues consequences of my past mistakes. I’m scared of what the world is coming to; of ignorance; of being ignorant; of failure; of success; of losing the things that i have; of darkness; of people; of cockroaches . And I’m scared of many other things. The truth is that I’m Scared of life.

I try to be positive , to be hopeful . I try not to let my fears stop me from enjoying my life. But the FACT is that of all my fears only a couple of them are irrational .


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