I believe that the human race can do a lot better . Problem is that we have not learnt to open our minds to see past our differences and focus on building a better and united world together .

If we were able to put our borders aside, stop trying to make everyone think and believe like we do, stop thinking that race and color actually mean something and start thinking bigger and working together as a universal team, a well oiled machine, the world would be a wonderful place to live in .

We let politicians and businessmen of the world control our minds with making us believe in all that stuff. Making us insult each-other and kill each-other; making us afraid of one another while they profit; And all that is just for money. What do they want the money for? “A better life”. What They Don’t realize is that there is no better life when the planet is dying. When science and culture are not in our priorities anymore. Are we so close-minded that we think our 60 years on this planet is all that matters?

I Know that this ideal is the answer to the problems of the world but how to achieve it? I have no freaking idea.


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