Rock Rocks

I usually think about the layout of a post before i post it. I say it in my mind to figure out what exactly i’m trying to say. These days I’ve been thinking about how one person can believe in contradictory ideas at the same time. But i haven’t figured it out yet so i’m gonna talk about music!!!

I consider myself a huge rock fan. But recently I realized that it’s not about the genre, its about the content. I enjoy music as long as the music has something to say. I usually find that in rock . So here are some of my absolute favorite bands .

1: Tool : A progressive metal band . They are not just a cool band that I like. I have learnt so much from their songs . Its all about life and ideals . Lyrics are extremely powerful. I have been listening to them everyday in the past 5-6 years and I never get tired of it. Every time I take away something new. Its not just the lyrics . Its absolute perfection in every way imaginable .

2: Radiohead : Their songs are just so connectable . Thom Yorke’s vocals can just pierce through your soul. They are well-known enough for me not to say anything else .

3: Blackfield : Their music has a very calming and soothing effect and yet it never loses the rock element , the edge . they have many good songs but my favorite is Cloudy Now .

Of course there are many other legendary bands and artists out there like Pink Floyd , The Beatles , Queen , Black Sabath , Nirvana and many more which don’t need to be introduced to anyone .

One of the topics that I will talk about more is music. New bands that I discover and my favorite artists and songs .

P.S. : Movies and TV-shows are other topics that i will write about. I watch a lot of them and I like talking about them . Told you I was a nerd !!!


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