open-your-mind-to-all-the-data3Human mind is a complicated thing. It’s capable of many wondrous things; One of which is the ability to believe in contradictory things.

For Example there are many religions around the world and the base of any religion is believing in a higher power. Which is contradictory in many ways. If God created all who created god? If God knows all does free will exist? and so on and on .

But I don’t want to waste time with these old and useless arguments.

The Contradiction that I wanna talk about is one that I’ve been wrestling with for some time now.

For many years I’ve been an advocate of absolute logical thinking. I believed that emotions must not be included in the decision making process. After trying so long to do so I realized its not as easy as it sounds. Emotions are a basic part of us. But trying to separate my thoughts and emotions for a long time caused some contradictions.

I believe in the sanctity of human life. No one should decide to end another life. I don’t even believe in execution for the worst of the worst. And about abortion I think that as long as the fetus doesn’t have a heartbeat it’s a choice but after that it shouldn’t be. On the other hand I think the way to a flawless world begins with genocide. Things like fanaticism and cultural perversion happen after generations of manipulating and ignoring truth and logic and when a person is raised in an environment surrounded by wrongness it becomes exponentially harder to see reason so maybe its better just to destroy the ones that there is no hope they’ll see the truth. Maybe not destroy but separate. I don’t know. Its a Good thing I don’t have any power . I would be a  Very confusing leader.

I live in a place that basic human rights are ignored everyday. I know how wrong and painful it is to be punished for what you do or do not believe in. Or being forced to act against your will. I could go on and on about this . I have been in my mind for years. I could never come to a conclusion. What is the way to making the world great? How can this world be fixed?



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