Updated Utopia!

There is an ideal about a perfect community. A perfect world. Where everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone respects one another, where evil does not exist; No wars , no discrimination, no poverty, no crime, no lies . Where everything works like clockwork and everyone is happy. Everybody is in their right place, using their talents to better themselves and the society they live in. There are no borders and everyone abides by the laws of morality. Its a pretty picture, isn’t it?

But the truth is as intelligent and evolved as we are, we are not perfect. In fact we are far from it. So maybe it’s time to replace this idealistic picture of a non-existing utopia with picture of a realistic better but not perfect future. Maybe it is time to set the bar of our ideals lower to a level that we can achieve.

I believe that it is time that we realized that evil exists . So maybe we should use it to our advantage. Lies are bad. There is no argument there. But sometimes we need lies to cope with reality. Sometimes believing in some lies makes us better, makes us try a little harder.

Without realizing it we all lie. Not always to others but to ourselves. We lie to ourselves about our motifs, about our intentions and about many other things. I used to try to find the truth about myself. I wanted to know why I do the things I do . I wanted to understand the subconscious reasoning behind my decisions. But the truth is that the lies we tell ourselves are necessary for us to keep us going because we need to believe that we are fundamentally good and pure and believing that makes us better people.

I have another experience with helpful lies. My brother died a couple years ago. It was a very tragic event. He and his wife were trying to get pregnant for a long time. He loved kids. After years of doctors and treatments finally it happened. Everyone was happy for them. He died in a car accident one week before his son was born. Understandably everyone was devastated. We were all torn apart . My family got through this tragedy because they believe in god and afterlife and all that religious stuff. I broke down because I don’t believe in any of that. It took me more that a year to get over what happened.

I’m not arrogant enough to think the ideals that I live by are absolute truth and what anyone else believes is a lie. I find my own beliefs more plausible of course. But after that incident I realized that religion is not all bad. I stopped dissing religious people.

Of course some people use religion to control the minds of other people. I strongly believe that power and religion must be separated. Religion must not be weaponized.

I know many politicians and people with evil ambitions use this concept of necessary evil to help their own agendas . That is what they do. I believe mankind invented religion to make sense of an otherwise chaotic and senseless world but then it was used against them to control their minds and actions. But with the combination of our moral compass and logic we can contribute in building a better world. These are the only tools that we need. And we need to start with ourselves. Managing our expectations and bettering ourselves. Helping Others to do the same. Maybe eventually we can put humanity in a path of progress.

By the way , this post felt like a manifesto; It is not. It’s Just my way of figuring out what I can do for the world. I’m not advertising my opinions . I’m just having them.


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