Show must go on …

I am fully aware that what i’m about to write is not unsaid and is not new. But I need it to be said by me so I can make my peace with it.

Some people are destined to be alone. I am one of them.

I dream from time to time that one day I will find someone like me. someone with the same mentality whom I can understand and be understood by. Someone to share my journey with them.

I have met such people in my life. And yet all of us continue alone.

See … destiny does not joke. For me even if I met the one who is exactly my match we both still would be destined to be alone. It would not last.

So I realized I must enjoy the temporary company of the people I meet .

I say this thing about destiny and loneliness and it sounds like that i’m talking about a great man. Someone who shall make a mark on this world but the truth is I am no such thing. I am not great or special.

This time I am not whining and I am not sad. I will enjoy my life as best as I can. I will enjoy meeting new friends and making new stories. I WILL LIVE.

P.S.: Just finished watching Black Mirror. Every story gives you something to think about. It’s a great show.


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