Alright! Things are getting a little weird.

Apparently I remember most of my dreams now. Today I was having a very strange dream in witch i was trying to answer my phone in the end but i couldn’t see the screen, so i brought my hand close to my face and then I woke up and realize my hand is very close to my face and my head is off the pillow and i’m squinting and moving my thumb. The worst part is when I woke up I was genuinely surprised and disappointed that my phone had disappeared.

There is something else. I go out every now and then and walk around in the city . I sit in a cafe and order a cup of coffee and read a book on my phone and I walk around some more and go back home. Last couple of times that I did that I see people staring at me and I can’t figure out why. Maybe it’s my clothes or … I really don’t know. I’ve always been extremely unnoticeable. I don’t wear or do anything that would attract attention . Except my long hair which is always pulled back in a simple ponytail . And I don’t think it’s a stare-worthy thing. Or maybe I’m just paranoid. I don’t know but it really bugs me.

Well at least these things are a break from the monotony of my days and as long as I’m aware of them and know what’s going on in my mind the weirdness is harmless.

I’ve never had a lucid dream. I wonder what that’d feel like. I rally like to experience that.

P.S. Today I felt a strong urge to travel. To pack my backpack and just hit the road. I really like to see Europe some day. Specially Switzerland, I’ve always liked that country.


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