Travel Log, Day Zero.

So let’s start from the basics. So far I haven’t said anything about where I’m from. But now that I wanna log my travels I guess I should say it.

Hi. I’m Ali . I’m from Iran. I live in Tehran.

So back to the point; I decided to start traveling so tomorrow i’m going to Isfahan. Here is where it gets interesting; Today as I was browsing the Internet I found a group of people who could speak some English and wanted to Improve their English by having open discussions . And I like English and I don’t have anyone to practice with so I went. There I met a guy (let’s call him jack) . Jack is a hitchhiker , he travels to different cities and writes about their attractions and takes photos and stuff like that. At some point in the meeting I said that I’m going to Isfahan tomorrow and turns out so is he. Then he said he is hitchhiking there and invited me to tag along and I immediately said YESSSS! After the meeting we went for a walk together and got to talking and realized we have a lot in common. We watch the same shows , we like the same movies and same taste in music. If I believed that kind of stuff i’d say faith has brought us together!!!

So tomorrow morning i’m going to hitchhike for the first time . I’m nervous and excited. This feels so right.

Unless of-course  Jack is a murderer or a human trafficker who wants to sell my organs or something. In that case this will be my last post. But I seriously doubt that.


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