Travel Log, Day one.

I couldn’t sleep last night. I think I got three hours of shut eye . maybe.

This morning I got up really early and went to my rondevou point with jack only to find a msg from him saying he is gonna be late . So I went to the town cemetery witch was nearby and just strolled throght the graves for an hour. Then finally jack showed up and we went to the side of the road. We had little luck. No one would stop for us. After hitching a few times for short distances a truck driver picked us up and took us to Isfahan. He was an awesome man. Truely a good person and we talked for hours . He even offered to host us in him home.

We said goodbye and got one a city bus to our host’s place. Let’s call him Bob.

Bob is an IT guy. He has opened his home to travellers from all parts of the world. He lives simply and he teaches basics of computer to kids for free.

So he has another guest here right now. Kamilla , a very nice Italian girl who has travelled here alone. She is a world traveller and she’s such a kind soul.

after we got here I made a pasta salad quickly and the four of us got to know each other over dinner. We exchanged stories and talked about the reasons we travel, couchsurf and hitchhike.

At the end of the night we just watched a movie and fell sleep in front of the TV.

This was an amazing day. And full of interesting moments.

My favourite moment of the day was when the truck driver pulled over at night , just before we reached the city. I got of the truck and looked up and was instantaneously struck by the beauty of the night sky. I hadn’t seen a sky like that since I was a child. It was breathtaking.

I have a couple of options about what to do next. Jack offered me to hitchhike to Shiraz with him. Bob asked me to stay a couple more days and he would show me around the city. And I like to continue this adventure on my own . I think I’m gonna spend the day with these guys and tomorrow I’ll decide based on how much money I’ve left.


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