Travel Log, Day Three.

I woke up from the cold draft that was coming from under the door. it was 6:30 in the morning. I quickly realized I’m not gonna be able to sleep anymore and I didn’t wanna wake Jack and Camilla. So I got up to go to the room and find out all I can about the road and the city I wanted to go to. Bob was already had gone to work. I went on the couch-surfing website to find a host in Yazd. I sent requests to a couple of people and wrote yesterday’s events on my phone. Even though I couldn’t post them(that’s why I’m posting everything today). Two hours later we were all up and I was packed and ready to go. We ate some breakfast and said goodbye to Jack and Camilla .

I went to the bus terminal and asked a taxi driver which road leads to yazd. After he answered he started following me. I told him I wanna hitchhike and had to explain to him what hitchhiking is. Then he said I can go to his place and spend the night there and he would find me a ride to Yazd the next day. After he realized I wouldn’t accept his offer he asked me if I was gay. Even though I am bisexual I said no. He insisted and offered me a lot of money to spend the night with him.

After I got rid of that dude and went ahead and stood by the road. It was my first time hitchhiking alone. I was nervous and exited. My back was hurting from all the walking yesterday and I didn’t have a confirmed place in Yazd. And I also had little money left.

A couple of people gave me lifts to further ahead on the road. The third guy was a well dressed elderly man who took me one third of the way. And he told me his daughter is also a hitchhiker and she travels around Europe. So he gave me a ride in hope that someone would give his daughter a safe ride.

Then I got in a very old 18 wheeler with a young but very macho driver. We got along really well actually. He told me that he likes to be alone on the road and I told him I am the same way. He told me memories and talked about his life and asked me about mine. when we got near Yazd in 9 pm he offered me to sleep in his car tonight if I don’t have a place to stay(The 18 wheeler had two beds!). But I said no, said good bye and walked the rest of the way to the town. I checked my phone and my requests were declined and I had only 6 percent battery. By the time I got to the city my phone was dead . Before doing anything else I went to one historic place that I always wanted to see. It’s called Dowlat-Abad Gardens.  (I should explain that Yazd is a city that was built very close to the dessert, It is a very old city and still has the old structure) When I got out I was in the old town alleys. It took me an hour to find my way out to A main street.

I found a electronics shop and asked the owner if I could plug my phone; Asked his directions to a hostel and sat down to rest for a few minutes. In Iran we don’t really have hostels, just some small inns. He pointed me to the direction of one of them and I found it on the map on my phone and followed the directions only to find out it is an expensive traditional hotel. I went to a few other places that I found on the map only to find that they are all the same.

I saw a coffee sign in an alley. I went In, ordered an espresso and sat down. There was no one else in the shop. The owner who realized by my accent that I’m a traveler asked me where I’m from and I just told him the whole story. He smiled and gave me the address to the neighborhood that all the cheap places are. I said I’m too tired I’m gonna go in a few minutes and he offered me a ride there. we had to wait for his son to come and stand behind the counter first.

During all that time with all the dangers and problems and uncertainties I realized compared to my life at home I’ve never been more calm. I felt so relaxed and nothing really got to me. Which is crazy because usually I’m such a coward. I’m always nervous but there I was , calm and peaceful. I love travelling.


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