Travel Log, Day Two.

On my second morning in Isfahan I woke up to the sound of a barking dog. It was 7 AM and Bob Was leaving for work. Me , Camilla (I checked and realized this is the correct pronunciation of her name!!!) and Jack were sleeping in the hall. Me and Jack, we woke up and asked jack how to luck up and when to feed the dogs and stuff like that but Camilla didn’t even flinch by all that noise. Jack moved to the room because he was too hot by the heater and still wanted to sleep and I moved closer to the heater cause I was cold. (Just now I realized this is too much detail! sorry!)

Alright, so after a couple hours everyone woke up, we had a nice breakfast and went out to explore the city. We visited the most important tourist sites in the city which were astonishing  and wonderful. Camilla and Jack took soooo many pictures and I just wandered around staring at everything like a very focused owl. We answered Camilla’s questions about our country and culture and walked and talked for hours. We met Bob in the afternoon and ate some local food and then walked to some more sights and talked some more. It was really cold and by the end of the night we were all extremely tired. Finally we got home at midnight and Camilla despite being really tired made us dinner. Tortilla which was very delicious

Over all it was such a good day. The company was good and the food was delicious. What more could I want?

P.S. I decided to continue my travel to Yazd and then Bandar Abbas Tomorrow. I’m gonna have to go alone.


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