Just chekin in…

I’ve been at work this past week. The trial week witch I passed. It’s a good job. The hours are long but the job is easy and I like my co-workers.

I’m a bit depressed but that’s mostly because my headphones broke. Only the right one works now and I can’t listen to my music anymore and I have to wait a month to be able to buy new ones.

I don’t know how much I’m gonna stay on this job. That’s why I decided to refuse signing a contract when they offer one. They said they’ll sign a contract with me after 2 months.

One of my co-workers introduced this musician to me whom I had never heard of before. Joe Cocker. He is really really good.

Camilla left. It was my second day on the job and her last day in Iran. We met at the cafe that I work at. I took 2 hours off work and sat down with her. Exchanged stories.

I’m glad I got to know her. And I hope to meet her again. And I’m sad to see her go. She is a free spirit and I admire her. That doesn’t happen too often for me.

Alright that’s it. I’ll be writing less in the next few months. Maybe once a week or so. But I’ll always keep writing.


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