The Adventurous Trip!

It was awesome. When I hit the road I didn’t have any Idea what was coming and what came was a true adventurous experience.

I walked under the dessert skies and I got lost in a jungle in an island. I met amazing people and I camped by the beach in a stormy weather. And I finally got to the open waters and watched the sunrise of the south sea. I hitchhiked 3000 kilometers .

I’m gonna tell you all about it in my next 5 posts.

I started this trip thinking i’m gonna go south see the sea and come back. I had no idea that i’d come back a different person. To be honest i’m really proud of myself for what I have achieved. It might not have been the most heroic adventure (daa!!) but for me it was a huge step towards the right direction.


this map shows the routs that I traveled in these fave days. I went through the deserts of Yazd in the center of the country got to Bandar-Abbas on the eve of the second day . spent another day to see the Hormoz And the Qeshm Islands , went to Shiraz on the fourth day and spent the night , hitchhiked to Isfahan and then to Meime and finally Got Back to Tehran On the 6th day .


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