Travel Log 2.0 : Day 1 .

The night before my trip I left work early and went to the city center to buy some equipments for my trip. I bought a sleeping bag for 160 thousand Tomans ( Around 40$ ) and a camping tent for 220 thousand Tomans (Around 55$) and a poncho. Then I went to my sister’s and borrowed her mountain climbing backpack which is a 40 liter single access simple backpack and went home to pack for my trip.

First I tried the tent so I could learn how to set it up. Then I started packing. I took a few
T-shirts, an extra pair of jeans, a pullover, an extra pair of underwear and two extra pairs of socks . I also took a first aid kit, chargers and cables for my phone and mp3 player, a comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and razor blade; And for food I took some dates, a canned tuna, some biscuits, and some nuts(mostly peanuts and pistachios).

In the morning I got up at 7 and ate a healthy breakfast (honey, tea and bread) and went out. I took the subway to the edge of the city and walked the distance to the road and I was at the road by 11 o’clock.

It took some time before I hitched my first car. He was a mason who was reluctant to pick me up at first but he did it after a minute anyway.

In Iran hitchhiking is a bit difficult and that’s only because people don’t know anything about hitchhiking and it seems strange to them. But people pick you up anyway cause I believe Iranian people are generally kind and hospitable.

Anyway he took me to Qom and it took me less than 10 minutes to find the next ride. This one was a guy in his thirties and was traveling with his apprentice. He also worked in buildings and he was such a nice guy. They offered me tea and snacks and I rode with them till sunset. He let me off 80 kilometers before Yazd. He offered to host me for the night but I refused cause I thought I could keep going through the night. Clearly I was wrong. The road was in the middle of a desert , it was getting dark and there were no lights. Time passed and cars weren’t stopping . It got dark. When the first truck passed by me speeding and pressing on the horn I realized I have to be a lot more careful. I remembered I have a flashlight in my backpack so I took it out and held it downwards so I could be seen by passing cars so they wouldn’t run me over. Not many cars were passing and I was painfully aware that I’m walking alone in the desert; Until I noticed the sky. The stars were shining and the weather was awesome. There was complete silence whenever cars weren’t passing. I forgot about everything else and just got lost in the beauty of everything. The stars , the silence , the darkness, The Peace of it all. After walking for about 4 kilometers finally someone stopped. A couple with a car FULL of stuff. I moved some stuff around in the back seat so I could cramp myself and my backpack into the car.We talked for a few minutes and while we were talking I saw a small road-side town and a small park on the road . I noticed some tents in the park and asked them to let me off .

I went in the park to set up my tent. It took me a while but I did it. I ate my tuna that night and slept in my sleeping bag. This was the first camping of my life.

That night I realized I was in for something more than a simple backpacking trip.

I fell sleep dreaming of the stars …photo_2017-03-23_23-51-20

P.S. On my First day I bought a pack of cigarettes, 2 bottles of water and a coca cola. (I spent a bit more than 2 dollars)


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