Travel Log 2.0 : Day 2

Coughing. This woke me up early on the second morning. I had a sore throat and wanted something warm to calm my throat. I had some Nescafe powder in my pack so I poured some in my cup and went out to look for some hot water (no, i don’t have any cooking equipment and yes I left my tent and my stuff cause everyone was sleep at that hour). I found a couple of stores but they were closed so I came back, packed everything up and hit the road. I kept the mug with the coffee in it in my pack’s side pocket so I could fill it up the first chance I got. I walked alongside the road for a few minutes just to feel the morning breeze and wake up. I barely held my hand up for any cars. I saw an old off-road car coming up so I held my thumb up and the car passed me. I turned to the road while walking backwards to see if any other cars are coming my way when I heard the car’s horn. I turned around and saw someone waving at me. It was the off-road car. I ran towards it and when I got there I saw they were a family of three. A bald middle aged guy (very handsome) was driving , A thirty-something year-old woman sitting next to him and a teenage boy in the back seat. they were all staring at me.

“Are you a hitchhiker?” Said the man .
“uh-huh” I replied . I was panting from the run .
“come on in”

I got in and they kept staring at me while my breathing was becoming more normal. The man introduced himself and his family . His name was Husain , his wife Aida and their son Ali. I Introduced myself and answered all of their questions about where I’m going and where I’m from and how long I was on the road. They explained why they didn’t stop at first(they hadn’t seen my backpack). After a few minutes I got quiet as I usually do and Husain asked me the most tragically true and funny question.

“What kind of hitchhiker are you? why don’t you talk?”

I wanted to come up with some excuse but I decided to tell the the truth. I said I’m a quiet person and I generally don’t talk much. The usual thing that I say while hitchhiking is I tell people what hitchhiking is and ask them where they are from and ask them about their hometown but you already know what hitchhiking is and we are from the same place so I’m out.

They told me about their own travels . They had traveled to every natural and historic site in Iran( Not all of them according to Ali, their son!!!). They told me memories and showed me pictures. Offered me snacks and tea(which I accepted gladly). We talked a lot. They were all very kind. They are truly beautiful people and I hope they read this and contact me cause I forgot to get their contact information.

Husain used to be a truck driver and it is a known fact that truck drivers know the best places to eat. He took us to this restaurant by the road that had a really great barbecued chicken(Chicken Kebab). I really wanted to pay for at least half the price of the food but in Iran suggesting that is a tricky thing and I’m really not good with that stuff. If I offered it could be considered rude and not offering seemed rude to me too so I was stuck. I didn’t offer and I regret that now.

Anyway we kept going forward. City by city. From Yazt to Anar , From Anar to Shahr-e-Babak, From Shahr-e-Babak to Sirjan, From Sirjan to Haji-Abad. This road was amazing. There was a desert part which looked like rout 66 in Nevada. In some partsthere were mountains ans tunnels and some other parts were all pistachio trees or just plain desert. Just after Haji-Abad the car broke down. Husain fixed it and we kept going but after a couple more kilometers it stopped again. Husain told me to go on and don’t wait for us. As I was saying goodbye to Aida and Ali a truck passed by and Husain waved to stop it. When I saw the truck pulling over a little further on the road I ran to it. I shouted a loud thank you to my fast friends and ran to the truck(which by the way didn’t take me). I hitched another car after 10 minutes to Bandar-Abbas which was my destination. After we arrived and I was getting off the driver asked for money and I had to pay. It wasn’t much so I didn’t complain.

It was after sunset so I had to find a place to set up my tent. I knew there was a park by the beach where people camp there so I asked around and realized it’s on the other side of town. I took a cab there. It was a big park. It was still early to sleep so I thought I’d eat something. Most of the stores around didn’t have food but after 20 minutes of walking around I found this local old woman dressed in local clothes sitting on the ground with some kind of oven next to her. I asked if she has any food and she said yes. It was a delicious local Bandari food called Noon-Bandari . She made it from scratch in front of me. I took that and waled to the beach and sat down in the sand facing the sea and eating my  food. After that I walked around some more; I really wanted to go inside the sea and swim or at least stand in the water but it was night and dark so I didn’t. after an hour I finally got tired and I chose a spot to set-up my tent. Now I had a full-on flu going on that I couldn’t do anything about. I finally fell asleep in pain and sweating from the fever and the hot weather of the south sea.


P.S. on my second day I bought a pack of cigarettes (1$) , paid for cab rides(4$), food and drinks(0.50$) .


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