Travel Log 2.0 : Day 3 (part 1)

It was hot. It was cold. It was humid.

I had a fever and I woke up shaking and sweating. Coughing and moaning. I got up and went out of the tent. it was still dark. A young group of people in the tent next to mine were still up , talking and laughing. I drank some water and lit a cigarette and stared in the direction of the sea. I couldn’t actually see it but I could hear it. after a few minutes I noticed the sun coming up so I got up and walked to the beach and sat down on the warm sand, stared at the horizon and watched the sun come up. People were coming out of their tents one by one. Few people passed by jogging. I felt a little better and went back to pack up.

few minutes later I was walking along the beach with my heavy backpack on my back. I really wanted to go in the water but I couldn’t leave my stuff. I walked up to a police tent and asked the officers there if I could leave my stuff with them for a few minutes. They refused . So I asked where is the waterfront? and they said just walk ahead and you won’t miss it. So I did.

I walked and I walked but there was nothing there. I asked someone else and he pointed at something in the distance and said that’s what you’re looking for. I thought I’ve come this far so I walk the rest as well. But I wasn’t in great shape . I was sniffling and my throat was sore. and my phone battery was dead. I found a store and bought some orange juice, water to put in my backpack, a pack of cigarettes and a roll of toilet paper. I asked the shopkeeper if I could plug my phone in for a few minutes and he reluctantly accepted. I went outside and the first thing I did was I blew my nose till it was empty and all the phlegm was out of my head. Now that I could breath again I drank my orange juice and smoked a cigarette. I was finally fully awake and felt less sick so I was ready to actually begin my day. I took my phone and walked to the waterfront. Got a ticket to Hormoz Island and Got on a fairy. I really wanted to stand outside on the deck but we weren’t allowed.

After I got off the fairy the first thing I saw was a coffee sign. Naturally I walked over I saw a big ol’ espresso machine on the counter. I smiled at the guy behind the counter and asked for an espresso. He said we are not open yet but you clearly need one so be my guest. He didn’t even charge me. It felt good to taste good coffee after 3 days on the road.(I’m a caffeine Addict!)

There were motorcycles and some kind of a tramway-motorcycle kind of thing (the kind you see in Indian films) taking people on tours of the Island. I walked passed them and thought to myself “this is a small Island, How long could it take to walk around it?”.Apparently, A LOT!!!

I walked to the first attraction pretty easily. It was an old Portuguese castle from when Portugal had controlle over Oman sea and The Persian Gulf. It was pretty. I saw a young local woman selling some local snack outside of the castle so I bought one(it was called ‘Sambooseh’ and again I went to the beach to eat it while staring at the sea. I collected some pretty rocks afterwards and kept on my way.

I waled for half an hour until the road turned from a road in a small town to a deserted road with nothing on the sides. Well, except for the sea to my left and a small mountain range on my right. I saw some trees between the road and the sea so I decided to walk among them. I kept going forward  and the trees were beautiful and I felt great. Some hills started to form on both side as I walked ahead. I couldn’t sea the sea or the road. I knew my direction was right so I kept going. An hour passed and I was tired. The scene finally changed. I saw a beautiful swamp ahead of me. The ground between my feet and the swamp looked solid but as I walked forward It became clear to me That it cannot be walked upon. So I had to circle the swamp. Before I did that I lingered a while to both catch my breath and admire the beauty before my eyes.

As I was circling the swamp I realized the jungle I was looking for was right behind the swamp. But the jungle was IN the water so I just looked at it from afar. I turned right to get to the road and realized after more than 2 hours I had only seen a small portion of the Island. when I got to the road I hauled a motorcycle to ride the rest of the way. I saw everything that was around the island but inside and in the mountain there were a lot of other things that I missed. I got off somewhere near the waterfront and ate some local food made into a sandwich that tasted good but I don’t remember the name of it(sorry!). Charged my phone there and went on to get to the next island. The Qeshm Island.


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