Travel Log 2.0 : Day 4

I woke up with the realization that the sun is already up and the storm is over. I stepped out of my tent and was faced with the most beautiful morning with a clear sky and the sight of the golden shores. I took my toothbrush and went to clean up in the park’s men’s room. There was a board outside of the men’s room filled with sockets for people to charge their phones. I couldn’t use it before cause I either had to leave my tent unintended for too long or my phone. I saw Irakli sitting under the board with his phone plugged in. I said hi and went back and brought my phone to plug it in and trusting Irakli to keep an eye on it while I washed up. After I came out we sat there for an hour(his friend was back in the tent so I trusted her with my stuff) and talked about everything.

we went back to where our tents were and packed up. Irakli and the girl he was travelling with wanted to eat breakfast. I left my backpack with them and went to the beach. Took off my shoes and walked knee deep in the water. Stared at the horizon and felt the sand running beneath my feet with every wave. I went back and after drinking some tea with my fast friends I said goodbye to them. That morning while packing I realized I had brought too much snacks so I put them in a plastic bag and gave them to a police officer to give to the poor local kids.

Today was Norooz and the year would change at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. (Iranian calendar is different from Gregorian calendar; You guys have the new year at midnight but in Persian calendar we calculate the exact moment that earth’s circle around the sun is finished. So the hour of the new year is different every year.) So I knew roads would be almost empty but I had to hit the road anyway. I went back to Bandar-Abbas with a fairy and took a cab to the beginning of the road to Shiraz. My first hitch was quite fast and he took me to the cross-roads that lead to Shiraz but he was going north and I was going west so we said good-bye. I walked on this new road for a few minutes and heard some bangs and cheers. I looked around and saw a family in the distance that were kissing each-other on the cheek and shaking each other’s hands. I took a look at my watch and realized it was new year. I put my backpack down and took a look around. right by the road there was this green field that continued for at least a kilometer and right behind it there were grey tall stone mountains. I took all that in and took deep breath. An involuntary smile came upon my lips. I sat there and smoked a cigarette and then got going again. Two young fellows picked me up. They were from Shiraz. They offered me slices of a watermelon and I ate some. They told me all about the weeds and wild fruits that grew around there. They even pulled over at some point to show me the wild vegetables that grew in a field. We saw  a couple of ferrets playing on a tree( first time I saw a ferret!). Fields were full of sheep and calf and even goats. They said there were mountain goats in the mountains around there but I didn’t see any. It started raining and as we moved forward the rain became heavier. The Shirazi fellows were going to some soccer match in one of the towns around there and asked me to stick around and after the match we go to Shiraz together but I wanted to keep going so I did. I took out my poncho and kept going on foot. Barely any cars passed by. but finally after about 20 minutes someone stopped. He was a young man with a scared face but as I was getting in his car even though he had a scary face I didn’t get any bad vibes from him. (If I get a bad vibe from someone I don’t get in their car).

He took me to one town before Shiraz. I had a good time with him and we laughed a lot on the way.

I got in the next car but it was already late and it was getting dark. I wanted to stroll around in town for a bit before camping ( Shiraz is one of Iran’s most beautiful cities) but it was already late and I was tired and didn’t want to pay for a cab. As I was looking for a place to set up my tent I realized it’s apparently illegal to camp in the parks and the one park you could camp in was completely empty and in a bad neighborhood. I have a telegram Group for Iranian hitchhikers so I asked them if they know where I can camp and one of them invited me to his home. It was on the other side of town and the driver charged me twice as much as I thought he should have. I didn’t have much money left.

When I got there I was faced with a group of hitchhikers. They were all backpackers who were passing Shiraz on their way to somewhere. We talked a lot about this and that. Mostly about hitchhiking and where we’re from and where we were going. they had some weed so I smoked with them (after a year of not touching any drugs) and I was sleep before I knew it.

P.S. I’m ashamed to write how much I spent . Let’s just say I made some mistakes and spent more than I should have.


This is The morning after the storm in Qeshm


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