Nag Time !

Alright so as I mentioned before I had 2 sets of holidays for Nowrooz. 5 days at the beginning(that I traveled to south of the country and it was awesome and I wrote all about it). Then I went back to work for a week and had another 5 days off of work that I wanted to use to travel to Shiraz.

Here’s what happened. I used to get paid every week but as the new year started my boss decided to change his policy and pay us monthly which I’m fine with; the problem is he didn’t announce this before hand. I spent all I had to buy the sleeping bag and the tent . And I spent the rest in those five days that I was traveling. So not only I had to cancel my trip to Shiraz, I am completely penniless. So as you can surely understand I’m quite bummed-out right now.

I have experienced this before; but it was different. I mean that was when I lived alone and had no job so I expected it and  it was even kind of an adventure but this is just plain boring.  For the past two days I haven’t even left the house.

But today I borrowed some money and the first thing I did was I went out to a cafe and ordered a double espresso. Then I went to get a haircut. I don’t know if I mentioned this before but I have long hair. really long hair. well, I don’t anymore. I cut it short (ish).

Now that I have some money and the option of going out I feel better but I’m still upset about the trip that got cancelled. And that’s because I know I might not get a chance to get out of town again for months.

I wanted to suggest a movie but to be honest all the films I’ve watched this past few days were all watered-down Hollywood dramas. I guess Nocturnal Animals  was Alright. I mean it was really good as a new movie but it’s not memorable or anything.

Aright, bye now.


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